Merit's philosophy is that using the most advanced equipment and methodology is the only way to reach today's demands for quick, high quality data.

In order to provide accurate data quickly and efficiently, Merit's analysts have access to top of the line, fully automated equipment, all connected by a high speed computer network.

By utilizing the latest technologies, Merit provides faster turnaround, better quality, and lower detection limits.

Cold Vapor Analyzer

Merit runs mercury analyses with a cold vapor mercury automated analyzer. Our research of possible sources of interference and improvement in our sample preparation has allowed us to reach detection limits as low as 5 parts per trillion (ppt).


Merit analyzes all metals by ICP/MS. The SW-846 method 6020 has been approved since January 1995 for metal analyses in drinking water, waste water, sludge and soil matrices. ICP/MS method 6020 is the most advanced method available to reach low detection limits with excellent accuracy and precision. Merit also received a performance based approval from EPA Region 5 to use ICP/MS on NPDES permit work.

Ion Chromatograph (IC)

Merit has an Ion Chromatograph for the best available performance in analyzing anions in the conventional analyses.  This automated system allows for greater capacity and electronic data input.


Merit utilizes GC/MS instruments exclusively for volatile organic analyses. Using the most advanced capillary columns and optimal temperature conditions has allowed us to increase the productivity of volatile analyses and increase our quality and performance. Merit also has three high sensitivity GC/MSs for semi-volatile analyses with programmable gas flow controllers, which stabilize retention times of the compounds and increases productivity of the analyses. Merit has adapted and improved the 8015 California Modified Method for TPH, gasoline, kerosene, and diesel using a GC with flame detector (FID).


Merit uses dual column GCs for all PCB, herbicide and pesticide analyses.  A second confirmation column and the use of a special statistics program allows us to dramatically improve the reliability of the results.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Merit utilizes HPLC for formaldehyde and explosives analyses.

Field Equipment

Merit owns the latest field equipment.  Our laboratory has a specialized decontamination and storage area exclusive for field equipment and staff.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

The UPS system delivers uninterrupted power to all of our analytical instruments and our computers. In the event of a power outage, the UPS provides power for up to two hours. This time window allows our analysts to safely finish an analytical run and power down the instruments. An alarm system is in place to notify three primary personnel any time a power outage occurs