Uninterrupted power supply (UPS):

Our UPS system delivers constant power to all of our analytical instruments and computers, removing variations in power output such as surges, which can seriously damage electronic equipment. In addition, during a power outage, the UPS system keeps our instruments operating for two additional hours. This provides ample time to safely power down all instruments and to save analytical data that has been generated.

Our UPS has a built-in alarm system that notifies key Merit staff members any time that incoming power has been interrupted.

Since the UPS system has been operating, our downtime for instrumentation has been reduced by a factor of one half. Furthermore, despite some power interruptions due to weather, we have not seen any loss of data or lapse in turnaround time. Merit Labs invested in the UPS system so that we would be able to service our clients more reliably.

Gas Supply for Instrumentation

Merit's gas supply is located in a separate, ventilated area away from the main laboratory.

The gas area includes Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen.

All gases have reserve tanks that are connected through automatic manifolds. This automatic system allows the instrumentation to be undisturbed and continuously working.

Air System

Merit has invested in a volume air system in order to:

  • Increase the health and safety of our staff
  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Minimize cross contamination problems that all laboratories must deal with due to the nature of laboratory chemicals

The variable air system allows us to provide a safe testing environment:

  • It delivers a constant supply of 100% fresh tempered air to every laboratory at a standard rate of six volume changes per hour.
  • Each laboratory is self contained and sealed from other laboratories. Should an accident occur (i.e. spill of solvent, acid, etc.), a responder to the spill will increase the fresh air flow in that specific laboratory to 30 air changes per hour.  This emergency state is maintained until the spill is cleaned up and the situation is normalized.
  • Particularly sensitive laboratories (the volatile analysis lab and extraction lab) are protected by air lock entry systems.
  • Each laboratory has an independent pressure monitor and control system that maintains the required air pressure for each laboratory. For example, the extraction lab, which uses a number of volatile solvents, is maintained at a negative pressure. This helps to ensure that volatile solvents leave that lab exclusively through the fume hoods. On the other hand, our volatile laboratory is maintained at a positive pressure.  This restricts the movement of volatile chemicals into this laboratory and prevents cross contamination.

Instant Capacity Increase

Merit's facility is designed to allow rapid addition of instrumentation and re-organization of the laboratory for more efficient utilization.  All of the connections (electricity, gas, network, etc.) are externally mounted and are located conveniently throughout each laboratory. When we need to expand our instrumentation, we can quickly install it and start producing data almost instantly.

Security for your samples

Our building design prohibits access to any part of the facility by a visitor unless he or she is escorted by a Merit staff member. Samples can be conveniently delivered to us in our sample drop-off area inside the building without entering the laboratory portion of the facility. For your convenience, we provide secure after hours sample drop off lockers into our facility. These lockers are accessible to you 24 hours a day from outside our building. After samples are placed into a locker, it may be locked by the client in order to prevent it from being opened again from outside. The samples are then accessible only from inside the building.


Our archive system contains all the files in numerical lab ID order. All of the information is stored by project (i.e. analytical report, invoice, chain of custody record, raw data, etc.) These are stored in a specially organized archive for a period of time required by each specific project.

Emergency Response

Merit Laboratories, Inc. is responsive to our clients' needs in emergency situations. Therefore, we've streamlined our services and staff to address your emergency needs. If you run into problems anywhere in the country, we are available to help you find a solution. We have developed a reputation among our industrial clients for solving even the most difficult problems expediently, often over weekends and holidays.