Quality Assurance System

Merit Laboratories has developed a Quality Assurance System (QAS) that controls our operations for producing valid, usable, and confidential data. Our QAS reflects Merit's guiding philosophy and understanding that Quality Control is the cornerstone which emphasizes defensibility and traceability of our analytical results and documentation.

All our procedural operations are outlined in our QC manual such as:

  • Chain-of-custody security measures
  • Sample handling
  • Determining appropriate standards and reagents
  • Staff technical training
  • Instrument calibration and verification
  • Detailed quality control requirements all for analyses
  • Internal audits and reviews
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Procedural development and upgrades
  • Method development

Our QAS is in compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for quality control/ quality assurance programs in an analytical laboratory. The format of our QAS meets the NELAP standards for Quality Assurance Manuals.