Merit's Staff


Having a knowledgeable staff and efficient equipment are a foundation to any environmental testing laboratory. Merit strongly emphasizes this by employing a highly educated and experienced staff with access to the latest state-of-the-art equipment.


Merit's technical staff has a substantial base of college graduates, all with diverse areas of expertise; combined with years of experience and continual on the job training. Merit widely utilizes cross training for our staff. This not only ensures a competent back-up analyst in case the primary analyst is unavailable, but also gives each analyst an opportunity to lend their unique knowledge to further develop and perfect each analysis. Merit employs its own technical maintenance personnel. This allows minimal downtime and immediate attention should any equipment need repair, or for equipment modification due to new methodology needs. Merit also employs full-time computer maintenance and programming personnel to continually increase productivity, meet stringent documentation requirements and for any necessary trouble-shooting.


In order to achieve the highest level of service, Merit's office staff will do everything possible to ensure our client's confidence. This includes report validation, Quality Control inspection, and most importantly, flexibility toward our clients' individual needs.


Merit provides a full service field sampling team. Our team is highly experienced and mobile, ready to service your sampling needs promptly and efficiently. Each field specialist is certified and trained in Hazardous Waste Operations and Response (HAZWOPER).